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Segredos da Fruta

Delicious and healthy! This basket brings all the affection you have for the new mom and dad. Melons..
R$ 67.00

Delicious strawberries and skewers Crimson grapes in a tempting arrangement. Perfect to accompany a ..
R$ 91.00

These two attractive ceramic mugs complement each other, forming a beautiful arrangement of deliciou..
R$ 95.00

An incredible mix of flavors. Strawberries, strawberries with our delicious chocolate and strawber..
R$ 99.00

Delicious strawberries in a delicate arrangement. Celebrate with the new mom and dad with this arran..
R$ 82.00

Replace the two chocolate bunnies for tulips or hearts, (depending on the occasion) and surprise w..
R$ 230.00

This charming arrangement of pineapple flowers and strawberries with skewers Crimson grapes and melo..
R$ 115.00

Arrangement so delicate and full of flavor as the original, the only difference is the size! Bring..
R$ 95.00

For a big celebration, a special dinner or a meeting with friends. This spectacular arrangement ha..
R$ 235.00

For moments of great feelings ... the desire to show affection, love, friendship or just to have a..
R$ 160.00

A festive and delicate arrangement for the year-end parties. It contains pineapple Christmas trees, ..
R$ 105.00

An explosion of flavors on each bite! Delicious combination of pineapple, strawberries, grapes, gree..
R$ 140.00